After a couple of years blogging for http://www.kelsgonebush.com , I decided to turn my blog adventures into a memoir and in August 2015 , Skimpy was released by Hachette Australia¬†, one of Australia’s major publishing houses. It was book of the month in Australian airports in August and around the same time I embarked on a road trip to promote my book , travelling in a camper with my then 2 year old daughter ( The Gumnut Kid) and a girlfriend from Darwin. We went up to Darwin through the outback and back down to Port Stephens along the coast , stopping at all major book shops along the way. We had an amazing time and its now my 5 year plan to go on the road for a year or two , before the Gumnut’s schooling gets too serious haha .

Skimpy is available through online retailers or you can order it in to your local bookstore.