Why It Pays To Do Your Research


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I’m going to confess to one of the stupidest things I ever did in my time working as a skimpy.

It was the start of 2016 and Id just moved back to my hometown of Albury NSW. Although Albury is quite large , adult entertainment isn’t a thing there. Which sucked because at that point I wasn’t ready to hang up my g string . So I starting looking for work in Melbourne. It was tougher than I thought. A lot of the waitress work in Melbourne is private functions such as bucks nights. I prefer working in pubs so I asked around and finally found a pub I could book into. I’m not going to name the joint because it was a while ago and it may be different now. But I can honestly say it was the WORST pub I’ve ever stepped foot in .

Id agreed to make the 3.5 hour drive down to work 2 days and was assured I would make enough cash to justify the drive. Then one of the shifts got cancelled , but wanting to check it out I drove down anyway. Stupid mistake #1.

I arrived at the pub and got shown into a change room. The place looked like it hadn’t had a coat of paint in 150 years. The walls were yellow and the carpet stunk of stale beer and fuck knows what else. After I changed I got to work behind the bar and I use the term ‘work ‘ very loosely because the place was empty for the first hour or two of my 7 hour shift. I didn’t worry too much , the lady who booked me in told me that it got busy in the afternoon and Id make shitloads in tips. The day dragged on and it became clear that she had been bullshitting me. The only customers I had were gamblers and we all know they only have money for one thing..

When I finally finished my shift  Id tried to give the bar girl an invoice but she said to call the boss lady on Monday and she would sort it.  I walked out of there after 7 hours with exactly $6.50 in tips. Pissed off was an understatement

The following Monday I called this woman and she said to just send her my bank details and I could invoice her later. I thought this was weird but did what she asked. Stupid mistake # 2

A couple of days later some money landed in my account. I did the maths and nearly lost my shit. She’d paid me $25 bucks an hour. I was getting $70 per hour to lingerie waitress in pubs across Newcastle. Stupid me assumed Melbourne would be more or less the same. It does fluctuate from place to place but this was ridiculous. Stupid STUPID mistake #3 – always find out the pay rate before you take the job.

I was mainly angry at myself more than anything I really should have known better. I had booked girl’s for pub shifts myself in various locations and even wrote a book partially about the industry. My problem is I hate asking about money for some reason. But since that day its one of the first things I do !


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