Herald Sun Review “It would make a good movie if someone was brave enough…”

This is what The Herald Sun had to say about Skimpy ….


“Skimpy” is the nickname given to barmaids who dress up as nurses or schoolgirls then go topless after a whip-round the bar for tips. Perhaps not surprisingly, the skimpy is popular on the Queensland south coast, where you might receive a parking ticket from a female traffic warden in a similar state of undress, and in male dominated mining towns. Dictionaries variously define “skimpy” as insufficient in amount or made of too little material, both of which might suitably describe Kellie Arrowsmith’s Top End adventures. Her journey from country Victoria takes in the Gold Coast, Darwin, Gove (“Arnhem Land is a very easy place in which to disappear,” she opines), Broome, Kalgoorlie and the like. We encounter lots of red dirt, big crocs, rough roads, dodgy utes and dodgier rough-but-heart-of-gold blokes, Crocodile Dundee-like locations and the birth of her daughter, Marli Rose. The writing and language is as basic as the amenities, Ms Arrowsmith colourfully crossing off having sex in a crocodile-infested swamp and beside the road in the middle of a desert from what must be quite a bucket list. It would make quite a movie if someone is brave enough. KG
Verdict: titillating


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